Call for paper / Special Issue ESSH ”Sport and Religion”

Sport and Religion. The historical development from the nineteenth century onwards Call for Papers European Studies in Sports History no […]

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Suomen urheiluhistoriallinen seura ry Finlands idrottshistoriska förening r.f. KUTSU VUOSIKOKOUKSEEN Suomen urheiluhistoriallisen seuran jäsenet kutsutaan vuosikokoukseen, joka pidetään maanantaina 10.6.2024 […]

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Esiintyjäkutsu – ”Urheilun etiikka ja moraali” 13.−14.12.2024 urheiluhistorian hybridisymposiumiin Jyväskylässä ja Zoomissa

Suomen urheiluhistoriallinen seura ja Jyväskylän yliopiston historian ja etnologian laitos järjestävät urheiluhistorian symposiumin Jyväskylän yliopistossa 13.−14.12.2024. Symposium toteutetaan hybridimuodossa, joten […]

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The Many Faces of Snow Sports: Ski Congress 2017

Edited by

Heikki Roiko-Jokela
ja Piia Pöyhönen


Piia Pöyhönen & Heikki Roiko-Jokela


Heikki Roiko-Jokela & Piia Pöyhönen
Snow Sports from Many Angles

Kalle Virtapohja
Urho Kekkonen – The Skiing President

Susan Barton
Snow, Sport and Style: Winter Sports Clothing – the First Century

Anssi Halmesvirta
The Sports of All Sports: Skiing as National Panacea in Finland at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Isak Lidström
Skiers of ”Nature” versus Skiers of ”Culture”: Ethnic Stereotypes within Swedish Cross-Country Skiing from the late 19th Century to the 1930s

Andreas Brugger
Skiing as a Unifying Element during the French Occupation in the Montafon, Western Austria, after World War II

Antero Holmila
The games must go on – but without Karl Schranz: Sapporo 1972 Games Controversy and the Question Olympic Amateurism

Heikki Halttunen
Laurie Niemi – amerikansuomalainen futistähti

Ville Kallinen, Kaisu Mononen, Minna Blomqvist, Marc Lochbaum & Niilo Konttinen
Motor Performance and Achievement Goal-Orientations among Finnish 10-Year-Old Children Involved with Cross-Country Skiing

Janne Vilkuna, Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen & Timo Kuokkanen
Ancient Skis from Museum of the Lake District of South Ostrobothnia, Finland, or Museum “Finds”: A possibility to Improve Our Knowledge of Ski Development

Borut Batagelj
Archives and the History of Skiing: Slovene Case

Jouni Lavikainen
Sinecures, Stipends and Pool Money – Professionalization of Finnish Skiing 1960–1990

E. John B. Allen
Immigrant Values and New World Mores: On Skis in America 1880 to 1920

Suvi Kuisma
Lahti International Ski City – the Development of Lahti City to Remarkable Ski Games Resort from 1920s to 1950s

Esa Mangeloja
Economics of Snowboarding

Ismo Björn, Hannu Itkonen & Anna-Katriina Salmikangas
Pioneers and Marketers of Sports: The First Decades of the Finnish Ski Jump

Leif Yttergren
Norway, Skiing and Swede Hate: Some Reflections on the World Ski Championship in Cortina d’Ampezzo and Its Consequences

Enn Mainla
The Estonians as Apprentices at the World Championships in Lahti 1938

Anna-Liisa Ojala
Arctic Sense of Artificial Snow: From a Traditional Lappish Ski Resort to an International Crossover Alp Resort

Nélida Quintero & Douglas Scherer
Experiential Resonance: Tapping into Embodied Knowledge and Image Memory – A Qualitative Study of Snow Sports Instruction in New York

Christof Thöny
The Development of Organized Winter Sport in Austria: The Example of the DAKS (Deutsche Arlberg Kurse Schneider)

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